Humanoid breaks textures

We are trying to switch World // Zero to use Humanoids because the avatars are currently subject to physics engine throttling, whereas Humanoids run at a fixed rate.

The switch was relatively seamless except for our facial decals. For some reason, adding a Humanoid will:

  1. Make the decals render in a random layering order, regardless of position
  2. Make the skin texture on the head meshpart a different color

Here is a video that will very clearly demonstrate the issue. It’s as if the decal has an “AlwaysOnTop” property.

The second issue, is sometimes the character’s head will show the wrong color. Deleting the Humanoid fixes the issue.

The Head part has no Decals on it. They’re all on MeshParts that are invisible hovering in front of the face.

Until we can find a fix for this, we will be unable to release our update that allows the game to run better on low/med devices :frowning:


Could you please send us a sample place file that reproduces this problem?

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I sent you a repro file in a DM :+1:

Any updates on this issue? It’s blocking us from re-implementing humanoids to our game which will really improve performance for lower end devices & consoles.

@AbstractAlex The problem you are seeing is because of the fact that Humanoids go through an optimized rendering path, where all the geometry is composited into a single rendering cluster but only the textures from the standard parts (R15 parts) are atlased. This is the reason why in your case, the transparency is now not ordering correctly. In your case, the head/face/eyes etc. are set up in a non-standard way (ie. we expect Head → Face decal and your Face is not a single decal but a combination of 2 additional meshes one for eyes and one for mouth which have transparent decals on them).

It wouldn’t be a quick fix unfortunately. We will have to investigate potential ways we can handle this case that doesn’t break compatibility for the standard R15/R6 configurations. We will keep you posted on the progress and maybe will need your help along the way as well.


I found the Humanoid decal ordering is a bug that was fixed, but needs this flag:
If you can give me place ids, I can have this flag active for your places?

Here is the start place and game ID. The game itself consists of over 20 places. Let me know if you would need all of those!

Start Place ID: 2506552320
Game ID: 887403347


FWIW I noticed that the way that the face is composited uses a very generic face mesh, this leads to a lot of texture waste for the eyes. Which in turn means larger asset data to download as well as some GPU performance.

If the faces are composited this way it could be beneficial to use tighter meshes, which I understand is a little more complicated and you might not care about the down sides. But just in case this is a suggestion.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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