Humanoid characters don't get pushed by bricks with velocity under certain Sizes


Brick sizes that don’t affect the player if the brick has velocity:

  • 2x1x11 is too small to push the player at all, 2x1x12 is fine (pushes the player normally)
  • 4x1x4 is too small, 5x1x5 is fine
  • 2 cubed is too small, 3 cubed is fine


  • insert a part, anchor it, set Velocity to 0,0,20 or something, then step on it.

Occurs on fresh new baseplate maps, with physics solver being default.

Does not occur with workspace physics solver set to Temporary Legacy.

Edit: Side-note discovery:

  • The part’s Density seems to be affecting the arbitrary size limit, based on GetMass or some calculation. The sizes listed in this post are for Plastic material. If you change them to DiamondPlate, they are denser and allow smaller sizes.


Video of it in action:


The mass cutoff seems to be between 12.672 and 12.673. It doesn’t depend on the part’s size, so a 1x1x1 part with a mass of 12.673 will push the player but a 1x1x10 part with a mass of 12.672 won’t. Possibly by design?


Probably a design oversight. If you change it to Wood material that’s even less dense, you can have a size of 22, 1, 2 that doesn’t push you. That’s hardly “small” enough to be ignored.

They should remove this mass calculation for anchored parts.


Oh I got it. It will only push your character if your character weighs less than the part. It does seem by design (my character while I was testing weighed 12.670168668032).

If you want to make sure your platform pushes players, I guess you can change its density to something large.


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