Humanoid Description for non humanoid objects?

Humanoid:ApplyDescription() is useful for applying a rig’s look immediately, but how can I apply a description to something that is not a humanoid object?

I want to be able to switch ‘skins’ between these (decals, brickcolors, trails/particles, extra parts) without causing too much lag.

I’ve thought about using a table and listing all the appearances but I’m not sure how to execute it :sweat:

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i personally don’t think Humanoid:ApplyDescription() would work the best here, have you tried changing the textures/decals of the spheres?

I mean that does work, but what about the extra bits like the halo and the beach ball stripes? I don’t want to go through the effort of welding and unwelding them.

assuming that these are custom rigs with a humanoid object, you could try using accessories, though I’m not sure about that since I do not work with them very often.

this video may be able to help you with accessories

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Thanks, but it’s not what I really want to achieve. These aren’t custom rigs anyways and are simply just moveable objects.

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since :ApplyDescription() is a function of the Humanoid class, no it will not work on a non-humanoid class. You could write your own object for a… SphereDescription if you wanted to call it that, and store data in there like a dictionary. Accessory service is also inherent to Humanoid so it won’t work either. You’d need to write something to iterate the sphere’s dictionary of accessories, offsetting and creating a WeldConstraint instance between itself and the sphere.