Humanoid Flipped Over

My AIs flip over sometimes.

I was wondering how I can prevent this or flip them back up right when it does happen?


Do they flip over whilst they’re moving?
Have you tried to add density?

They flip over when they collide with a lot of other AIs

You could try to remove the ability for those AIs to collide with each other using Collision Groups

thats what i’m doing now

still would like to know how to solve original situation

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You should provide more information in the first post (edit it) about how these NPCs are built up, what is their collision like, and how is the weight distribution (does marking parts as Massless change anything?). It is difficult to address your question because there are no details.


You can disable them from flipping / tripping entirely by using Humanoid::SetStateEnabled and / or Humanoid::ChangeState.

You can get the enums for that here:

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