Humanoid Health isn't accessible with server scripts

I have a script that prints a specific statement when the player dies the script it in StarterCharacterScripts and doesn’t work unless there’s a localscript doing the same function which is really rigged.
I used health changed, I tried checking if the players health is 0 or under but nothing seems to work. How do I fix this? any help is appreciated, Ive already tried using the wait and runservice loop to check if health is under 0 and it doesn’t work, so thats checked off.

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If you wanted to check if a player dies, just use the Humanoid.Died event, or is that not possible either?

Do you have any code so far that we can see what’s going on?


Thats the first thing I tried so I didn’t bother mentioning it and heres the code. image

Are you getting any errors? The only thing I see that could be the problem is that the Humanoid may’ve not existed by the time the event was set up, maybe try this?

local diedalready = false

local char = script.Parent
local hum = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

	diedalready = true
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No errors, I would’ve said it if there were any I just cant access the humanoid somehow.

I’ll be checking if other background scripts are affecting it

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There are no scripts affected it.

If it’s in a localscript you want to use game.Players.LocalPlayer rather than script.Parent, and the reason it only works in a LocalScript is because it’s in StarterCharacterScripts

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Its a server script i said it in the title.

Convert it to a localscript if you’re going to have it in StarterCharacterScripts

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so i cant have any server scri[pt in StarterCharacterScripts?

No, as it’s part of the client. If you wanted to do the same on the server you could use a server script

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The problem is I want to print in the server and not by client, client works perfectly fine and remote events work fine too the problem is if the player has a exceedingly high ping it could affect what im trying to accomplish

You can have a server script in StarterCharacterScripts, you can’t have a server script in StarterPlayerScripts

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Not in Startergui too? Because i tried and it still didnt work.

Didn’t know that, I stand corrected

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You can, but it’s not recommended because the client should be handling the UI.

Are you using the client or the server to kill the player?

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Each of my weapons use remote events to damage players so its server.

Also im wondering does the command bar in studio client or server?

Nevermind. I realized the health was being changed by a localscript.