Humanoid Movement Update - Steep Slope Bugs + Some minor tweaks!

Hey all,

I just shipped some default behavior updates for Humanoid characters in Roblox. Mostly to improve running around up slopes and stairs. All in all you shouldn’t notice any differences except some bugs should go away.

Posting here because I want to make sure that custom physics (use of Body Forces) in games isn’t behaving incorrectly after this change. If you notice wrong with custom force applications on default Humanoids, please let me know here!



Does this fix the problem of characters being unable to run directly up stairs in certain games (unless they strafed up the stairs instead of walked)?

Do you have an example? It should help with all kinds of issues related to tripping over stairs when running up them.

Does this fix the problem where the character moves slowly while walking down a slope?


We were having problems in Phantom Forces with players being basically “blocked” by the stairs themselves when walking directly up them, and the only solution would be to go at it with an angle and strafe up.

It only happened rarely.

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Since the last week I’ve been experienced increased character flinging and instability. Could this be related?

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No. I just enabled it an hour ago. There were no humanoid-related changes in the last few weeks that I am aware of.


That was fast… too fast.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll file a separate bug report to see what other possible updates could’ve caused this.

Do you have a thread running for the issue you were describing?

Not yet, and after a quick search I’ve noted that no one has reported this yet. Upon closer reflection, this bug also applies to PGS-simulated objects which interact with players.

The jump power of the player seems to have reduced slightly, or at least it feels that way, which can be bothersome to gamebreaking in certain games due tight jumps required. Can be fixed by upping jump power I guess.

Holding the jump button while climbing lets you zoom up really fast (ladders and trusses). Not sure what the old behavior was, but it’s really fast now.


I am also experiencing the truss glitch that radiogamer mentioned above. Players go directly up trusses really fast rather than jumping off. Below is a nice gif made by one of the game’s developers demonstrating the issue.



Ah dang. I thought I made jump better. I can disable the jumping change without disabling the rest. Standby. Thank you for the repro.

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The jumping portion of this change is reverted while the rest stayed on. Should no longer be able to fly up ladders and should no longer have weaker jumps.

@radiogamer @Thundermaker300


Can confirm the issue with both jump power and jump climbing have been resolved.

If I release a follow-up jump change, I will make sure the height the settings reach are the same as before. I attempted to make it so that all of your jump velocity is gained in a single frame instead of a few frames, but those lost few frames of powered acceleration must’ve made for a lower jump height (Makes sense if you do the math).