Humanoid Nametag acting weird on custom character

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For my fighting game, I needed a custom character loading system, and was able to make some after fixing some camera issues. A weird thing I noticed today is this:

Starts lagging when I do /load Brute, also it might default to a low resolution even tho the video can be played to 1080p, so if you want, you can adjust it

I have absolutely no Idea what can be causing this, it is definitely not any form of lag on my part, maybe it’s an issue with the character itself? Anyways, here is the model and how it’s set up:

Humanoid Data:

Did you set the Character property of the Player to the Brute?

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It’s a prop of Billboard, where would I fetch the player’s name tag?


Are you setting the Player’s Character from the server?


Does you character have these Humanoid settings?

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Hm, DisplayDistance is set to subject, let me change that and see.

Nope, doesn’t seem to change anything. Other than that RigType is R6 but yeah

Maybe try following these threads:

I tried the latter code, but it’s tactics are kind of confusing. Is it my character loading or character model itself that’s going wrong…

I found it out. The CustomCharacter parent has to be nil. Then, you move the HumanoidRootPart.CFrame to your current character, set the player’s Character to the new one, and bring it to workspace. It’s just one of those weird properties of the Humanoid that is never explained.

Here’s a BasePlate showcasing the custom character. The only things added are in the ServerScriptStorage.
CustomCharacter.rbxl (38.5 KB)

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Thanks! Will try out later, but will most likely solution it in a bit.

Yeah, must be annoying for certain people.