Humanoid Nametag Drift

What’s Wrong?
Recently, Humanoid Nametags have been subject to drift, similar to how SurfaceGui instances used to distance themselves from their Adornee’d instance.

This behaviour seems to be exacerbated by rig movement and is not only subject to a Player’s character model, but all instances which use Humanoid Nametags.

As seen in this image, Citydudeluke’s nametag has been displaced around 5-7 studs from his character’s head.

The same happens here, with the nametag being displaced from the character head.

A few more examples of this behaviour in video form (recorded on my behalf):

Where does this occur and how do you reproduce it?
This occurs in any running game server (Studio AND In-Game) but is not consistent. It does occur at any given time though, but is only visible through other players as the default behaviour of the nametags is to be hidden from their player.

Expected behaviour
The nametag should stay above the rig’s head.


Hello! Can you please specify in which game this occurs? Does it also occur in other games? Thanks!

Yeah, this seems to be occuring in most games but it has not been reported as of yet.

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I’ve seen this while I was devving for my own game and a couple others, I couldn’t find any solution so far so I hope this is fixed.

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