Humanoid not working correctly

I have this bone rigged AI and the animations dont work unless the AI is parented to the Humanoid, but I need to be able to use Humanoid:MoveTo() but it won’t work unless the Humanoid is in the AI model. How could I use MoveTo() while being able to use animations?

Use AnimationController for non-Humanoid rigs.

How would I move the AI though without it teleporting?

You can have a HumanoidRootPart in a Humanoid model, then a submodel with the AnimationController and the non-humanoid rig. Attach the bone-rigged model’s center (could be the torso or pelvis, idk what is your model’s center) with a WeldConstraint, connected to its center and the HumanoidRootPart.

That’s the simplest method I have in my head.

Like this? :MoveTo() still doesn’t work for me though

No, put the Humanoid, HumanoidRootPart, and the bone-rigged model in one Model. Then, attach the center of the rigged model to the HumanoidRootPart so it won’t fall off.

If I have it like this, then the animations won’t play though

Animations will play if you play the animations using the AnimationController instead of the Humanoid. Place an AnimationController under your rig, and call the animation functions identical to the Humanoid's.

I’ve been trying to use the AnimationController and the animation plays until I add a Humanoid which breaks it


Can you try grouping the Humanoid model and the rig model under one model? Like:

Main Model
	├ Humanoid Model
	└ Rig Model

Maybe less convenient, but at least the AI and the Rig won’t clash with each other.

Yes that works, thank you very much!

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