Humanoid NPC's falling when positioned in the world

I have a ServerStorage folder with npc’s, and these npc’s have a humanoid.

Any time I try to spawn a npc into the world, they always ‘fall’ into the ground (only catching on their humanoidrootpart ‘which is cancollied == true’)

I am setting the npc’s primary part with humanoid:SetPrimaryPartCFrame to the desired location in the world, then I am parenting the npc to workspace.

I looked at the output of a humanoid:Changed event, and the state changed a lot between running running physics and falling. So assuming the falling was the issue I had a script disable the falling state, but I still get the same results.

after about 2 or 3 seconds the npc stands normally using the hip height to keep it off the ground. So I decided to anchor the npc’s primary part wait 3 seconds and unanchor it. This didn’t help, as soon as I removed the anchor, the npc fell into the ground again, and a few seconds later, stood up.

Is there a ‘standard’ ‘normal’ way I should be placing a humanoid controlled npc, from a non workspace source into workspace that will not cause such weird issues?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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[EDIT : I spoke too soon, changing the order does ‘help’ , but if you touch the npc, during those first few seconds, it will fall a bit through the ground, before stabilizing.]

As usual, I post something, then fix my own problem. It’s almost as if I MUST post a question before I can solve it :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone having the same issues, it appears, you need to parent the npc to the workspace BEFORE you position it with humanoid:SetPrimaryPartCFrame

If you do this process backwards, the npc ‘freaks out’ and falls all into the ground.