Humanoid rig randomly falls halfway through floor at times

I’m not too sure how to address this problem. I’ve noticed at random instances, the rig will fall halfway through the floor for several moments, then it’ll stand back up again.

Very undesirable behavior. Any clue as to how I could go about fixing this?

One thing I will say is that I did adjust the mass of its HumanoidRootPart to prevent players from being able to push them around. Not sure if that’s affecting anything.

Can provide any info if needed. Thanks!

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Sounds like PlatformStanding behavior to me. Try checking if there’s any foreign sources that are enabling the physical PlatformStand property or is enabling the humanoid’s PlatformStanding state.

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There’s no scripts currently controlling the AI, it literally just happens randomly.


Do you have the HipHeight set?
How about the CanCollide Property for the rig’s legs?

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So the only part that’s collidable is the HumanoidRootPart, as the rig is big and there aren’t actually any limbs as it’s consisting of skinned meshes.

And yeah it’s hip height should be correct.

What surface are you above?
If it’s a big Mesh or Union then you may be having an issue with the object’s rendered appearance not matching its collision shape.
You can check a box in your Studio settings that shows objects actual shape rather than their rendered shape. Can’t recall what the name is but it can be useful.

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It’s just a standard baseplate, nothing fancy.

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What Density do you have the HumanoidRootPart set at?
Try lowering it to see what happens. If it stops falling through then you know that’s the issue.

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That’s probably what it is honestly. I think I set it to 50.

I don’t want the player to be able to push it around though, so I’m kind of stuck.

But if you don’t try then you won’t know it that’s the issue.

There are probably other ways to keep players from pushing you around.

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If you don’t want it to be pushed around you could either of an align position or weld. make it CanCollide off or anchor it

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What they want is a moveable player rig that other players can collide with but can’t push around.
All items involved are moveable.

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If so they can use a Body Velocity or a linear velocity contraint and a simple script then to prevent them from moving.