Humanoid Scaling Has Changed?

I seem to have looked back at a game that I haven’t been working on for a year I found that the character scaling system has changed I use to use the values inside of the humanoid for scaling now I am lost and don’t know what to do.

Ever since Rthro was added, they added new values to R15 characters in the Humanoid. image


Not sure if this is what you actually meant. :confused:

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That was in my game but now when characters spawn they do not have those properties.

What rig are they? R15 or R6? :thinking:

I believe you can just manually add them in and they will work how they should. I am unsure as to why they do not spawn in with those properties though.

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I can’t find the thread now, but I remember discovering a while back that some character packages will not have some of those values inside the humanoid. An engineer replied saying it was intended behaviour, although I have no idea why this confusing behaviour is neccassary.

Regardless, just connect a script to CharacterAdded that checks for all the scale values and create them yourself if they aren’t there, it will still work the same.

Edit: Here we go, it was actually the ‘original size’ values, so it may or may not be related


Just to give an example of this in action:

You should check if the values exist inside a humanoid using FindFirstChild and then create them if they aren’t found.

local BodyDepthScale = Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyDepthScale")
if BodyDepthScale then
    -- edit the body depth scale value
    -- create the body depth scale value
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Alright, I will give it a try thanks for the help!