Humanoid sliding

Hey! :grin:

What I want to achieve?
Make a humanoid walk.

What is the issue?
The humanoid is sliding in the ground.
(I’m using pathfinding to move the humanoid, and these green parts are the waypoints.)

What solutions have I tried so far?
I tried some solutions here in devforum, but none of them worked.

More details about this issue
The model:

The humanoid properties:

Can someone help me?

If you didn’t add an animation and code in the animation when it walks, that is the problem, though if you did add an animation, try making your own, using other animations made by other players do not work.

I think the problem is not the animation, because the animation is playing correctly, but this humanoid is walking like walking on ice, or something like this, do you know why? Some solutions here in devforum say the problem is in the humanoid.HipHeight, but I changed and did not work for me.

Oh, I fixed it! I just changed the massless of each part of the character to false! :grin:


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