Humanoid:ApplyDescription breaking accessories?

I have a menu that loads in the character’s avatar (locally) when you hover over a TextButton, all of that works fine, however, Humanoid:ApplyDescription just completely breaks hats and accessories:


I may be able to help, but you’ll have to answer this question:

Are the accessories that are messed up UGC accessories? Or all accessories?

ugc, i guess

character limit

If it’s just UGC then that may just be a Roblox issue

I use this plugin to take an accessory ID and implement it into the game based on it, and whenever I do this and get a UGC accessory and put it on a humanoid, the attachment is all messed up

So if I’m right about the problem either wait until the whole thing is fixed or manually change the attachment position
Granted that isn’t really possible if you don’t know what accessories they have and every attachment would be different

This could be totally wrong btw, I just noticed some interesting parallels between your situation and my past ones

However this doesn’t explain how games like AUT did it, example:

They could just be cloning your player/using your player’s character instead?

I guess that makes sense

Char limit