Humanoid:ApplyDescription() Doesn't Apply Accessories

It produces the same results. Do you know any other way?
Does it have an effect that the dummies are posed?

Sorry, I assumed that MrGrey was an R15 model. R6 Humanoids do not support scaling, so if you need to use an R6 model, you will likely need a brute-forced solution that I unfortunately do not have. Otherwise, if you can use an R15 model, the code I posted above should work.

The game is r6 so having r15 models would be kinda weird, but thanks. I might ask in a separate post with a more specific question

Sorry for bumping but since this is unsolved, I figured I may answer.
To apply description and accessories simply use this.

function Create(Character:Model?)
	local Description = Character.Humanoid:GetAppliedDescription()
	for _,v in Character.Humanoid:GetAccessories() do -- Unsure about this, since GetAppliedDescription seemed to also apply accessories when using a roblox-made rig with the same body type.

If the accessories aren’t positioned correctly, it’s because you’re trying to apply accessories from an r6 character to an r15 rig (Vice Versa), I also recommend using the default built in rig builder.
Actually I don’t think the iteration loop is really necessary since GetAppliedDescription seems to apply accessories when using a roblox-made rig as mentioned above, but if you’re NOT using a roblox rig you can still use the loop. (That or if you’re getting description from userid.)

I actually figured the issue out a while ago but never really replied. I checked the attachments for the accessories and they somehow got completely messed up when my friend repositioned it. Going into a test place and re inserting a rig, moving it, and scaling it exactly how it is in the original fixed it. Definitely a weird case but it wasn’t anything script related iirc

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It’s more on WHAT rig you used, using roblox official ones fixed everything, but like I said using R15 description on r6 does not work. On other hand CreateHumanoidModelFromDescription also seemed to work fine, you should use it too, I use it everytime a new player character appearance is loaded then store the cloned dummy model on a separate folder for later use.

Though for some reason, CreateHumanoidModelFromDescription doesn’t utilize new changes made to in-game player characters.

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I used the same rig both times so it wasn’t an issue with the rig

I feel like this would be much messier for the same result

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Not at all! It actually helped a lot for me! I didn’t have to clone character or get their humanoid description everytime I wanna use it! I’ll just store a 1:1 replica of them in a folder!
It only has one problem though! It makes a default Animate script inside the HumanoidModel but its doable.

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Yeah, but if they update their avatar during the game it becomes outdated, and I’d argue that getting and applying the description is cleaner than cloning a rig and positioning/sizing it. I see what you mean, though.

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