Humanoid:ApplyDescription() Doesn't Apply Accessories

Hi, simple question.
I’m writing a script to show the winner of a game on a dummy. While it applies body colors and clothes, it doesn’t apply my hat.
The code:



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Are you using a completely blank dummy? I have been making something that uses it and it works for me with a blank r15 dummy

I’m using a blank R6 dummy. I got it from toolbox so it has a regular head, but aside from that no critical settings should be changed

Also: just found out it is in fact applying the accessory, but it puts it inside of the dummy’s head. Is there any way I could fix this?

I have seen a million posts related to this. Now its official ApplyDescription() does NOT apply accessories you need to do it manually by ig cloning submit either a bug report of ig feature request to do this IF the viewer of this reply is a regular.

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It works when i test it? wdym it doesnt apply accessories?

I just figured out it is actually applying the accessory, it’s just inside of the dummy’s head.

I mean I found out it does apply them, just inside the head.

Try using the head mesh copied from an r15 dummy, that worked for me

oh then i was wrong. but yea that happens now what you can do is set the cframe of it as rigs have attachments yknow? you can use them.

it was just a theory. A ROBLOX THEORY :sunglasses:


R6 rigs seem to have trouble with accesories that arnt either hair, hat or face so maybe use an r15 rig

How would I reference these? The player on the dummy is entirely random so I’d like to have a catch all solution for i.

the style of the game is R6, so I’d like to try to use that on the dummies if it’s possible

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok so. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you can find what type of accessory it is by going to the handle of it and finding the attachment name then do

local accessory = -- path to accessory
local char = -- path to the character
local att = char:FindFirstChild(accessory.Handle:FindFirstChildOfClass("Attachment").Name,true)

and just like cf it idk.

but where do I CFrame it to be accurately placed on the dummies head?

attachment idk. I am not that good. what i think you should do is get offset then cframe the thing at the attachments world position and add offset if any is possible.

What R6 dummy are you using? I’d recommend using the ‘MrGrey’ model uploaded to the official Roblox account.

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Completely forgot I made this post. I’m using the MrGrey model and it doesn’t work

Super late but it is likely loading in the accessories but they are simply loading inside of the character so you cannot see them. If the Dummy is especially large, instead of just increasing its size in Studio, change the Scale properties of the HumanoidDescription. This will scale the hats and accessories with the rest of the model.

local Dummy = workspace.Dummy
local Humanoid = Dummy.Humanoid

local Description = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(1)

Description.HeadScale = 3
Description.DepthScale = 3
Description.WidthScale = 3
Description.HeightScale = 3