Humanoid:ApplyDescription issues

So, in my game, when someone wins the round, the top players appears in the podium of the game. But for some reason, the rigs are not showing correctly, like in this example below:

Here’s the script:

	 local finalRanking = {}
	for i, player in pairs(availablePlayers) do
		local plrDet = playerGameDetails[player.UserId]
		if plrDet then
			local neededLetters = #plrDet.NeededLetters
			table.insert(finalRanking, {UID = player.UserId, Needed = neededLetters})
	table.sort(finalRanking, function(valueA, valueB)
		return valueA["Needed"] < valueB["Needed"]
	local scales = {
		[1] = 2.5,
		[2] = 1.75,
		[3] = 1,
	for i, player in pairs(finalRanking) do
		if i > 3 then continue end
		local success, humDesc = pcall(function()
			return game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(player.UID)
		local humanoid = game.Workspace.Lobby.LastRound[i].Humanoid
		if success and humDesc then

There doesn’t appear to be a problem with the rigs. Is it an accessory issue?

No, it’s not. The body of our characters it’s not the same showed in the podium

Did you get any errors related to the script?

Try ApplyDescriptionReset() instead

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