Humanoid:ApplyDescription to a Non-Player Character (NPC)

Hey all,

My Issue -

I’m attempting to dress a ‘Dummy Humanoid’ the same as a Players’ Avatar who is NOT in-game

I keep getting the error message saying ‘DataModel not available’ etc. when I use Humanoid:ApplyDescription(HumanoidDescription)

I’m assuming this is because this function can only be used on an actual Player Character not just a Humanoid?

Furthermore I’m also having issues universally scaling the Humanoid and some proportions are different to others depending on the Players current avatar scaling.

My goal -

Create a model of a Players’ character using their specified UserId and then change their Shirt to a custom Template and then implement it into a ViewportFrame.

Note: ViewportFrame is not an issue

Server Script (some lines of code removed) -

local UserID = Plaque:WaitForChild("UserID").Value
local UserHumanoidDescription = Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(UserID)
local new_PlaqueModel = PlaqueModel:Clone()
local demoHumanoid = new_PlaqueModel:WaitForChild("DemoHumanoid")	

Console Log -

Model (with Humanoid) I’m attempting to apply description to -

Any help or suggesting please leave them below and I’ll interact with you best I can! :+1:


I would first check if UserHuamnoidDescription is equal to something or nil.

If it does equal something, then it might be worth experimenting with the other parameter for :ApplyDescription(), called assetTypeVerification. More details here: Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation

I don’t unfortunately know what assetTypeVerficiation is though.