Humanoid:ChangeState(GettingUp) is not working?

How do i prevent a player from tripping in the air while being welded to a jetpack?


Have you tried doing that in a loop?

And also im pretty sure GettingUp won’t solve this, you’d have to do it to something like FreeFall or whatever it normally is when you are flying.

I did try looping it, it did not work.

Have you tried different HumanoidStateTypes?

Or just do


Yes i tried FallingDown and some other ones but i dont remember them.

Looks pretty realistic to me, why change it?

If you have a jetpack for which you also manually have physics controls for (moving around and flying), set the Humanoid’s state to physics. The Humanoid is tripping in the air because it’s attempting to apply it’s own physics still.

This did not work aswell, however for some reason by using ChangeState(running) it worked.