HumanoidDescription - How to apply a Bundle/Package with just the catalog ID?

Pretty straightforward with the title; I haven’t seen any documentation on this, so I hope some of you know how this could be done. Any tips? Thanks!

Check out this Thread -
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Although this many exactly be what your looking for lmk if it helps at all!

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Not really, here’s what’s up:

Basically, let’s say I have this bundle:

And I want to add that bundle to my HumanoidDescription, but just body parts. What I’m interested to know is how that can be done and, if the package has a gear, how to apply it without a gear?


I’m trying to make an API with hundreds of packages; my goal is to figure out how it can do it automatically and not manually.

oh, I don’t believe you can use HumanoidDescription then

ill find some ways

It can be done, it’s just poorly documented on the website.

Yeah, I don’t know how

(sorry i couldn’t help)

AssetService can achieve this,
local info = game:GetService("AssetService"):GetBundleDetailsAsync(4)

This returns info on whats stored inside a package, info.Items would then give you a table with each product inside.
I’m currently looking for a way to differentiate ID types and certify whether or not the given product is mesh or gear. I will keep you posted!

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Alright, I was able to write a short script that differentiates ID types,

local MPS = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
local AS = game:GetService("AssetService")

local package = AS:GetBundleDetailsAsync(4)
local items = package.Items

local assetType = {
	["Torso"] = 27,
	["RightArm"] = 28,
	["LeftArm"] = 29,
	["LeftLeg"] = 30,
	["RightLeg"] = 31,

for _,item in pairs(items) do
	local ID = item.Id
	local info = MPS:GetProductInfo(ID)
	local assetTypeId = info.AssetTypeId
	if assetTypeId == assetType["Torso"] then
		print("Found a torso")

If you have any further questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile: