HumanoidDescription scale doesn't affect character if the rig has a humanoid description applied

So I have this r15 rig which is meant to look like the player. It is, however, twice as large as the player. This is achieved by changing the headScale and all other scales on it. All of this breaks when instead of using createhumanoidmodelfromuid(), I use Humanoid:ApplyDescription().

Everything else works fine, the location of the model, the actual look of the model (outfit, accesories), its just that for some reason, if the model has had its description applied rather then being spawned with the description, it just doesn’t scale. Like even if I manually change the scale amnt, nothing happens.

Im using headscale here as an example, but as you can see, the headscale value is exactly the same, yet one model has a way larger head then the other (way larger body as well)

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 9.25.26 PM
Here is the difference between the two scripts (the 2nd image is the original script while the first is the script I changed it to)

I need to use applydescription as otherwise, if the player didnt have an r15 character, createhumanoidmodelfromuid would spawn a r6 character

ples help im just so confused (I spent like 5 hours on this before realising that this is the issue rather then some other really complicated stuff)

Fixed the issue:
For some reason, for any player model NOT spawned by createhumanoidmodelfromuserID, you have to first turn off “automaticScaling”, then turn it back on to have the humanoid actually scale. I’d assume this is a bug but im not that sure

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