Humanoid:EquipToool() not working

I’m making a module that’s equipping tools for characters.
When I :EquipTool() on a humanoid it doesn’t do anything. Here’s my code.

function ToolMechanics:EquipDefaultTool(Player)
	if RunService:IsServer() then
		print("Equipping default tool")
		print("Equipped default tool on: ".. Player.Character.Humanoid.Name)

The output prints out everything as expected, but the tool doesn’t print anything, not even if I just print something on the first line in the script, the tool I’m equipping doesn’t even clone into the character.
Anyone knows what to do?

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just do:

game.ServerStorage.SpawnableObjects.Weapons.fists.Parent = Player.Character

I am pretty sure that to equip a tool it must first be in the Player’s backpack. Have you tried cloning the tool into their backpack then equipping the tool from their backpack?