Humanoid:MoveTo() does not work

For some reason my NPC is not moving to a specific point

print("DONE") -- prints instantly

21:00:53.431 3703.798095703125, 13.435142517089844, -1109.25 - Client - Tutorial:92
21:00:53.432 3703.7978515625, 14.46721363067627, -1165.499755859375 - Client - Tutorial:93
Can see the Z values are 2 completely different numbers

All parts are unanchored on the NPC, including the HRP. It prints DONE instantly, but the NPC does not move at all. The Humanoid also has a WalkSpeed of 16 too. NPC is also created on the client (does not exist at all on the server, so network ownership is not the issue here)

The BoatTeleport is the red part on the side, but they do not move at all (80)

Are you sure BoatTeleport.Position isn’t the same position as where the Humanoid originally is?

Prints show that they are 2 different vector3’s

You should use PivotTo instead.

That would not get the required result. The reason to use Humanoid:MoveTo() is to actually show the NPC moving. PivotTo() would just teleport them right to the part, that is not what I want

Ohh I understand now. Ok wait lemme relook at the code

Found the issue. Had a tween that was overriding the character position :+1:

Might not be relevant but MoveTo() times out after 8 seconds.