Humanoid:MoveTo not working

  1. I want to make this character move to a part. Keep it simple and clear!

  2. At first there was an error but I fixed it. Now there are no errors but the character is still not moving. take into note it is not the player it is an npc Include screenshots / videos if possible!

Dev_Simphony's Place Number_ 18 - Roblox Studio 12_05_2021 09_57_47 (2)

local Monster2humanoid = game.Workspace.Monster2.Humanoid
local monster2Destination = game.Workspace.Destination

the humanoid character is anchored…maybe?

or the character is welded to an anchored object

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yeah I gotta check that you may be right. Thanks for reaching out!

it works now but why isn’t he animated :laughing: . he moves with no animation which is very creepy. how do I fix this? is it because I made him bigger

the character moves instantly, it shouldnt have any animation

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I see so I need to make another script for the animation? sounds good. thanks for the help guys

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Do you want the character to walk to part or something?

You can lauch test into studio, take the script of the animation from your character and put into monster’s one

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The reason why it’s not animating is because you aren’t telling it to in the script.

awesome. Thanks, it is now working!!

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