humanoid:MoveTo() problem

Hello, I have a problem with humanoid:Moveto()

  1. the humanoid is blocking against the floor
  2. it cannot enter the part
local Model = script.Parent

Humanoid properties:
does anyone know how to fix this

and sorry for my English not knowing how to write in English too much so I use Microsoft Translate

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you can use body movers or constraints to move your NPC, it’s way more efficent and better + you have more control. It will be a bit harder, but it will be worth it. Humanoids are buggy, soo don’t use them, and if you wan’t health, make your own system for this

What Part won’t it enter?

You have the MaxSlopeAngle highlighted so do you mean it won’t climb an angled Part?

Is the problem that the NPC won’t enter a doorway made of Parts, or is it a Union with a door opening cut out of it? If it’s a Union door opening the Union may actually be blocking the NPC so it may not be a MoveTo problem.

Please post a picture showing what is happening, it may explain it better.

I’ve set HipHeight to 2 for now

Seems like the characters legs have “CanCollide” enabled. Try disabling it on everything expect the HumanoidRootPart.

When youre creating custom characters on Roblox only the “HumanoidRootPart” should have cancollide enabled. For example:

If you look at the body parts of a player character. Youll see that everything expect the HumanoidRootPart has cancollide disabled.


Where is the Position of the End Part in the Workspace?
The HumanoidRootPart will try to MoveTo that Position. If it’s on the floor then the Humanoid will try to push down to get to that point. Make the Part at the same height as the RootPart, which should be at 3 studs above the floor.

I did it but it still does not work

I made a new humanoid and everything works on it, I just had to turn off CanColide
why it works there?

asumming that since it works on a new humanoid, it might be the hipheight

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