Humanoid.MovetoFinished not working properly?

as you can see in the video ive made a tds style game where zombies move to a set of waypoints
but its Humanoid.MovetoFinished isnt working as intended
heres the script

local zombie = script.Parent
local waypoints = workspace.Waypoints

for i,v in ipairs(waypoints:GetChildren()) do


theyre also going the wrong direction

The waypoint objects are probably not ordered in the way that you want when you go to iterate through them.

Try this instead:

for i = 1, #waypoints:GetChildren() do

it did help a bit, they are going in the right direction but humanoid.MoveToFinished:Wait() still doesnt work and theyre still not going at waypoint 1 (what i mean is that they start going to the next waypoint early)

I’ve heard it not being very reliable. You could transition to a distance check instead, might work better for you.

local function isAtWaypoint(waypoint)
    return (script.Parent.PrimaryPart.Position - waypoint.Position).Magnitude < 4

for i = 1, #waypoints:GetChildren() do
    local waypoint = waypoints[tostring(i)]
    while not isAtWaypoint(waypoint) do 

now they dont move at all, maybe there is something else wrong, i have seen a devforum having to do with network ownership or something i dont really know

it also couldve been because im pivoting the zombie to the zombie’s spawn

See if there’s any output you’re getting, maybe I missed something. I edited my other post, could also need to move it continually if something is blocking it.

theres no errors in output so it cannot be any error, i think i will try to rescript it and if it works ima let you know

yea i think it was because of the pivotting i just moved the zombies from repStorage to the zombie’s spawn location, thanks anyways!

Pretty sure MoveToFinished fires after 8 seconds regardless of whether or not it’s completed. So you’d have to call MoveTo everytime it failed

local success = humanoid.MoveToFinished:Wait()

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