HumanoidRootPart behaviour problem

Hi so I’ve run into an issue recently were when a player joins the server sometimes other players HumanoidRootPart will cause this weird behaviour to happen.


I’ve checked my scripts to see just in case I’ve accidentally used position instead of cframe which doesn’t seem to be the case. What I would like to know is if they’re any other things that could potentially show the behaviour as linked above.

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Does this happen with the same player over and over or does it happen randomly when a player joins?

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Randomly when a player joins. It could also be that multiple of players HumanoidRootParts end up experiencing this behaviour as well.

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Hmm, are changing anything to the player’s defult humanoid when they join? If so, what do you modify?

And thanks!

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The would occur if the player joins is if the other player is taking a set piece, I would set their humanoid autorotate to false and then Cframe the HumanoidRootPart the position they need to be.

Link 1:
^ Showing the player accepting to take the set piece.

Link 2:
^Ignore the 1st second of it had to pause the gif.
This one shows the player positioning themselves using CFrame.

HRP.CFrame =[GameValues.CornerArea.Value].PlayerStand.Position,CornerFolder[GameValues.CornerArea.Value].Position) 

^Example of the code.

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Figured out the problem I forgot to check if the TouchedPart scripts had HumanoidRootPart.Position in them, turns out they do this is what’s probably causing the HumanoidRootPart problem, mistake on my part thanks @XxEduardo0109xX for trying to help me to figure out the problem.

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