HumanoidRootPart interpolation issues: Characters wont move!

Ever since the new interpolation of characters was added this has been an issue.
Player spawns, all scripts run perfectly but the character doesn’t move from the spawn location.
After a random time he then interpolates across the map in 1 second with tremendous speed.

This bug is very visible in my Team Deathmatch on my Debug game (choose default server)

Players stuck at spawn, still running animations, sounds etc.

At first I thought maybe I accidently anchored they players, but I dont. I’ve checked the players who are stuck and their humanoidrootpart is not anchored.

I know this is Roblox interpolation issue because:

  • All the scripts run fine (incl. the client who lags)
  • The players themselves can see other players moving
  • When the player starts to move they are interpolated, not teleported, from spawn

Could I cc someone who’s currently working on this?

Interpolation is my thing. I’m currently in the middle of something high priority, but should either have time this evening or tomorrow.

How easy is this to repro?

EDIT: May not get to this tomorrow morning. Priority thing is still in progress for me. But I’ve added this as an immediate follow-up afterwards. In the meantime, if there is any information/video you can provide I would be very thankful.

This should be resolved now. PlaceRebuilder was able to get me a simple repro and we were able to confirm a certain fix I released a week ago was causing his specific way of spawning to break.

The fix has been disabled. Will investigate what in the fix was causing this.

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