Humanoids and CollisionGroupIds are buggy

R15 humanoids of which all their parts have a separate collisiongroupid value to a player’s character still (SOMETIMES) collide with the character. Not always, but seemingly always to start with, and then sometimes you can walk through the humanoid afterwards, sometimes you collide with it again. The humanoid doesn’t collide with the world, as intended.

This is leading to some problematic physics behaviour in my game that requires a humanoid to be glued to the character locally so in first person you can see yourself and your clothes.

It is replicateable here: Buggy Humanoid Collisions.rbxl (20.3 KB)

Could you post the code you’re using to do this? It’s likely this is a bug in your code do to quirks in how R15 character loading works.

The place file I linked is completely new, I created a new place file and used the create rig thing of the official roblox animator.

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