Humanoids appear naked when attempting to render many humanoids at once

Reproduction Steps
Join All Star Tower Defense

Join any gamemode.

Place ~80 Units [May require less on lower end devices] [Due to the limitations and balancing of the game you cannot place this many units (though dm me and I can edit it for your player)]

At one point previously placed units [characters] or a newly placed one will appear naked

I think that high memory / client lag might be the main cause of it rather then many humanoids [though humanoids is what may be causing the lag]

Expected Behavior
For the characters to always be clothed

Actual Behavior
The character will appear naked

If your in studio you can swap to server view then back to client view and it will be fixed

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Often


The reproduction steps should be minimal - DMing you to raise the limit, waiting, joining the game once done, joining a separate gamemode, learning the mechanics to then place said “Units”, to only then reproduce the bug is a very cumbersome process.
You should attach a separate place file that reproduces the issue with minimal steps.


Sorry for the super late reply. We’ll take a look at this now.

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Not sure if this one still happens