Humanoid's MoveTo method is laggy

There is not much to it, I’m trying to make a tower defence game, I used the humanoid’s :MoveTo() method, but the mobs don’t actually make it to the middle of the waypoints, and at the end they completely ignores them, it’s like they are thinking that they already finished reaching to the waypoint, but they actually didn’t.
Here’s the video:

lol.wmv (5.5 MB)

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ve this issue with one of my AIs too. It was skipping waypoints.

Using Humanoid.MoveToFinished:Wait() Right after Humanoid:MoveTo() did stop this from happening, so maybe try that.

If you can provide a bit of the pathfinding code then maybe I could see what’s wrong if this doesn’t solve your problem.

Yeah, I already tried that, pretty weird, I just place the waypoints in an offset. But thanks man!.

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