Humanoid.Seated not working after reset

I have a local script on a tool that uses Humanoid.Seated. After a player resets, the Seated function stops working. Does anyone know how to fix this or what is happening?

You need to connect the .Seated event again after the character respawns because the old humanoid gets destroyed and everything connected to it gets disconnected.

You can do this with Player.CharacterAdded


I strongly agree with @hell_ish’s response, the players character instance gets destroyed and recreated on reset, you will need to use Player.CharacterAdded to resit the player after reset, alternatively you can disable reset or have a loop or data to check if that user was sitting previously through values, e.t.c.

If the support is not accurate or misunderstood please update your post to provide more information on the issue? because I’m not sure if you mean the user actually sitting or a function running when a player sits.

Extra information helps to give a better understanding on giving an accurate answer, using the DevForum’s post format will help you.