HumanoidStateType is 'Running' when equipping a tool



▶ Enum.HumanoidStateType.Running (x3)  -  Client -

This happens even if I stand still and equip the tool. Any idea why?

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The reason why your code might output ‘Running’ is because of Roblox’s way to choose which state the humanoid is. When the HumanoidStateType is Running, it checks if the player’s legs are touching the ground, which is why when you stand still or equip a tool, it might consider that you are ‘Running’ for whatever reason.

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To add to this, I think the velocity of the character plays a part. Printing Player.Character.PrimaryPart.Velocity.Magnitude gives me this

It’s never 0 even if you’re standing still so that might be it.

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Yeah, you’re most likely right. Roblox’s way of detecting a HumanoidStateType is interesting.

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