Humanoid.TargetPoint returning origin only

I am just wanting to verity, if anyone else is getting this problem, or if it something on my end.

My game contains a gun, which used to work fine, FE and all that. However, recently it has stopped firing in the correct direction.

So I dug into the code (Roblox default code, the gear came with) and I see it is getting the aim position by using Humanoid.TargetPoint to determine where the user has clicked on the screen (as described in the wiki)

So I reduced all the code down to the core concept of this. I have a generic tool with a server script which contains…

local Tool = script.Parent;

enabled = true

function onActivated()
	if enabled then
		enabled = false
		if Tool.Parent and Tool.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
			local character = Tool.Parent
			local humanoid = character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
			local targetPos = humanoid.TargetPoint
		enabled = true


With this, when I click somewhere it prints 0,0,0

So considering this started happening with no change to the original weapon, does that mean I need to make an error report, as the wiki does not state that this method is deprecated?

I need to add, that this DOES work correctly in a Client Script, but as the original weapon code uses is it in a Server Script, and the wiki doesn’t specify that it is Client Only, does that still constitute as an error, or maybe the wiki just needs updating?


I could be wrong about this, so don’t bank on my word.

I’m quite sure that the primary issue you’re experiencing is that Humanoid.TargetPoint isn’t replicating, since it has to be set by the client in the first place as per detecting input.

You’ll probably want to seek a post out on #platform-feedback:documentation-requests regarding this property to be explained or touched up on.


If you want to bring back Humanoid’s TargetPoint property you should use Input Gateway by Clonetrooper1019: