Humanoid.Touched Bug

Humanoid.Touched is really buggy now for some reason. Whenever I connect the event, my character starts getting “pushed” by parts, even parts with cancollide set to false. I’ve created a place to showcase this bug. When you join the place and click the on screen textbutton, this script is ran:

Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer


Before clicking this button, if you walk into the tall grass and jump, it works just fine, but after clicking the button, jumping in the tall grass starts to push you around. This is the place:


Would you be able to uncopylock the place so we can take a look in studio?

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Oh sure one second


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By the way, that place connects the event on the client, but it has the same glitch when you connect it on the server, so I didn’t bother connecting it on the server here.

Can you confirm that the repro only happens after you jump? I think I know what the problem is. There is some code that is supposed to push a character away from whatever object(s) that is has contact with if the character is stuck during free fall. It is only supposed to do this if the character hasn’t been losing altitude during “Freel Fall”.

I’ll work on fixing this, will take a few weeks to push it through the usual pipeline.