Humanoid.Touched bug?

I have noticed a generally game breaking bug where any instance that “Humanoid.Touched” is used, the player is unable to float or swim. It is so odd and I have not found a valid work around? I made a testing place with a single script, which has a total of 2 lines and one indent; Issue still arises 100% of the time regardless of how Humanoid.Touched is used. Any fixes?

the ONLY (local)script I put in the StarterCharacterScripts


Also noticed inconstancies when using Play Here and just simple Play.? Super weird issue.

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The humanoid is like one’s life, it can be affected by injuries but can’t be interacted with in 3D space. You should probably use a 3D part like HumanoidRootPart instead as touching the humanoid as it is extremely buggy for reasons stated above