Hundred of tabs opening upon studio attempting to reconnect with team create

Hello! I have been going through an annoying thing whenever i disconnect from team create (as my wifi is extremely weak) and studio tries to reconnect to the place, ten to hundreds of tabs pop up trying to reconnect to the same place, causing both of my ram and cpu usage to be 100%, and sometimes even crashing my entire pc. It sometimes stop opening new tabs when they all fail to reconnect but i have to manually remove each of them one by one with like 1 fps. (I do know that this meant to be in bug report but i do not have access to post there)

This is extremely annoying due to my weak wifi often causing me to get disconnected and other.


Use the task manager in windows and close all roblox studio windows.
This is a bug, it happened to me because of my wifi, try reinstall roblox studio.

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yeah i use task manager to close them but still it takes ages and i often crash before iā€™m able to

i already tried to reinstall