Hunger Games - Patch Notes

Patch Notes

This post is a list of updates made to The Hunger Games.

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🔑 Key for patch note entries
  • :green_circle: New: A new feature was added to the game
  • :yellow_circle: Change: A feature was adjusted, either numerically or in behavior
  • :orange_circle: Fix: An unintentional behavior was corrected
  • :red_circle: Removed: A feature or behavior was removed from the game
  • :purple_circle: Hotfix: A feature was changed or corrected shortly after the update was released

Most Recent Update

UI Update (Part 3) – April 23rd, 2021

Hint: You can also read about this update on my website, →

  • :green_circle: New: The Help window is modernized and updated! The content is revised for accuracy and switching tabs is easier.
    • Like the News window, you are told how to reopen the window once it is closed for the first time. Just in case you click through it too easily.
    • Players who are new to the Hunger Games are shown this window automatically instead of News.
    • FYI, this isn’t a replacement for a complete first-time player experience. This is a small improvement before better improvements can be made.
  • :green_circle: New: The Reaping pop-up is modernized! Re-coded animations run super-smoothly and without acting strangely in some situations.
  • :green_circle: New: Hide button at the bottom right. Closes the interface immediately, in case you need your screen space back.
  • :green_circle: New: The Game Menu (bottom left) is redesigned with icons to help you find what you’re looking for faster.
  • :green_circle: New: The Mouseover text interface (the level/rank text on tributes) is modernized and redesigned with a short animation.
    • :orange_circle: Fix: Accessories no longer block mouse-over text.
  • :green_circle: New: The Spectate feature now displays a tribute’s level, rank and Career status.
  • :green_circle: New: UI now goes all the way up to the top of the window, beyond where Roblox’s top bar used to be. Players with small screens will have a little more space to work with.
Melee Weapons

These changes are focused on making melee weapons more responsive, fairer and just a little nicer to use for players with not-great latency. It also addresses longstanding issues where latency could give you an advantage in some cases.

  • :green_circle: New: Melee weapons (swords, clubs, battleaxe, trident) have been re-coded from scratch. They work exactly the same, except for the following changes.
  • :green_circle: New: Melee weapon attacks (slashing, lunging) are now simulated locally, so they feel much more responsive.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Melee weapons will deal damage at most once per click (although, not necessarily once per swing). Additionally, damage will not be dealt unless the weapon was swung somewhat recently.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Melee weapons now enforce a reasonable maximum distance at which they will deal damage. Hits by high-latency melee weapon wielders may be ignored in certain cases.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: The slash sound effect no longer has a short (0.45s) silence at the beginning. This causes it to play quicker, which makes the sword feel more snappy.


  • :yellow_circle: Change: A Gamemaker is selected after the 14th, 21st and 24th tributes are reaped (instead of after the 7th, 14th and 21st). You must now be at least level 5 to be chosen as a gamemaker.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Once a Victor is declared, that tribute is fully healed (health, hunger, thirst) instead of being reset.
    • :red_circle: Removed: Since the Victor is no longer reset (killed), whoever they may have been fighting will no longer receive kill credit, and therefore will no longer get XP for a kill they did not technically earn.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: You now face the center of the Arena when you are spawned in.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The Rich Combat system has been re-coded from scratch. It works exactly the same, minus a memory leak that caused old servers to perform poorly.
  • :red_circle: Removed: Auto-saving is now disabled. Auto-saving used to occur every minute, but this is no longer necessary and was starting to cause issues. Don’t worry, your game data is still saved when you leave just like normal.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Implemented some temporary workarounds which should fix certain instances of automatically-sized UI elements not resizing properly. These may be disabled in a future hotfix, ideally after Roblox have finished fiddling with its behavior. Pardon the dust!

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Help, then check the place version at the bottom is greater than or equal to 286

Past Updates

UI Update (Part 2) – April 9th, 2021

Hint: You can also read about this update on my website, →

  • :green_circle: New: “The Fallen” returns! Just as it was back in the day. Eliminated tributes are projected in the night sky for Tributes to see. You’ll get notified right before the presentation starts.
  • :green_circle: New: Sponsoring and Betting now use a brand-new graphical player selection interface, which makes it much faster to pick the tribute you want to sponsor or wager on.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: The following interfaces have been modernized to use the new unified back-end added in Part 1: betting, sponsorship, Sponsor note pouch
  • :green_circle: New: Report window: use this form if you encounter a cheater, toxic player, bug abuser, or other ne’er-do-well!
    • You can open it from the Game Menu (bottom left).
    • Select any of the given reasons (Cheating, Toxicity, Bug Abuse) and/or provide a custom reason - the more detail the better!
    • Reports automatically include useful data such as recent chat messages.
    • You can report players even if they leave the game.
    • To send a report, you must be at least Level 2 (200 XP) and your account must be 7 days old. These values are subject to change.
    • There are sensible limits on how often you can report. Spamming reports doesn’t accomplish anything!
    • It’s not a replacement for Roblox’s report menu - you should still use that if someone’s breaking Roblox’s rules.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Wolf mutts will growl less often. In general, packs of wolves will be less loud.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Various sounds that used to be in the game and audible are once again audible, including consumables, traps, kunai throwing, and training room teleporters
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The volume of some loud sounds which were audible far away have been lowered, including wolf mutt growls
  • :green_circle: New: Throwing kunai (both poison and regular) now has an animation.
  • :green_circle: New: You can now “Read” the various buttons in the lobby (sponsor, gamemaker and betting rooms).
  • :green_circle: New: If you try to sponsor or place a wager before selecting a player, you’ll get a message saying you need to do that first.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: The passageways to the side rooms in the lobby have been widened.
  • :red_circle: Removed: The following redundant items given upon entering the Training Room are no longer given: Poison Kunai, Poison Sword, Club, Compass
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Wolf mutts will wait a minimum of 12.5 seconds before jumping and a maximum of 25 seconds.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Bows are now much easier to pick up off the ground. While on the ground, bows won’t have an arrow nocked.
Fixes & Improvements
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The “Spoil Food” disaster properly considers items on the ground for spoilage, including those dropped by tributes.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The opening cutscene now stops early if you die, which prevents the camera from freezing on-respawn.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Sponsor notes are added to the note pouch more efficiently.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Wolf Muttations now track down the nearest tribute more efficiently.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The following chat commands work more reliably: /spectate , /endspectate and /profile

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Help, then check the place version at the bottom is greater than or equal to 284

UI Update (Part 1) – March 12th, 2021

Hint: You can also read about this update on my website,! →

  • :green_circle: New: Game interfaces now uses a unified and modern back-end. Updates will now be much easier. Absolutely nothing should look or feel any different, except that some windows won’t overlap.
  • :green_circle: New: Upgraded Spectate!
    • More Info: Now shows name, health, hunger, thirst and kills.
    • Fast Switching: While spectating, you can click tributes to switch between them.
    • If the tribute is killed, you’ll spectate their killer automatically.
    • If you are killed in-game, you will automatically spectate your killer until you respawn.
  • :green_circle: New: You can now read descriptions of most items in the Training Room! Uses ProximityPrompts and a new modal window.
  • :green_circle: New: Game News window! Find it in the Game Menu at the bottom left. It will also open automatically when you first join. It describes the latest game updates in a blog-like format. Woot!
Quality of Life
  • :green_circle: New: When the Spoil Food disaster happens, you will now receive a message describing which of your items have spoiled (if any).
  • :green_circle: New: Consuming something that wasn’t healthy will display a message about it.
Game Integrity
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Players no longer collide with each other. Tributes may still collide with each other while they are in the arena.
  • :green_circle: New: Tributes that have somehow escaped the arena will be placed back inside safely. For tributes that somehow got too high, they’ll no longer be killed.
  • :green_circle: New: Non-tributes that have somehow escaped the lobby will be placed back inside safely.
  • :green_circle: New: Under appropriate conditions, the game may restrict access to young accounts.
Various Fixes
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Traps work even if the trap placer leaves or dies.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Projectiles and trails always eventually disappear.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Bread is now consumed properly.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: /spectate and /profile commands are a bit smarter at selecting players. Just a bit.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The following disasters now work as intended: flood, blizard, drought, spoil food
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Melee weapons that can lunge won’t break unexpectedly under certain conditions.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The game won’t break if those spinny parts in the lobby suddenly disappear under mysterious circumstances.
  • :purple_circle: Hotfix: Spectate wasn’t allowing non-tributes to spectate. It’s fixed in version 283 and higher.

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Settings → Advanced and check the place version is greater than or equal to 283

Game Integrity Update (Part 5) – May 30 2020
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Sponsored items now correctly spawn within sponsor balloons.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Sponsor recipients will equip items directly into their hand when they pop their balloon (notes go to their backpack instead).
  • :yellow_circle: Change: All tributes can pop sponsor balloons, not just the recipient.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Sponsor balloons and their contents despawn after 51 minute.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Sponsor Balloons will now ding every 3 seconds, like they used to. Audible up to 40 studs.
  • :yellow_circle: Change: Famine reduces Hunger by 7565, down to a minimum of 1012.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Wolf Muttations no longer deal damage after they have died.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: All weapons now only do damage if both the attacker and victim are tributes, or if the victim isn’t a player. (Training room weapons no longer deal damage to tributes.)
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The Dagger can now lunge again.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: An unwelded part on the Trap has been re-welded.

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Settings → Advanced and check the place version is greater than or equal to 273

Game Integrity Update (Part 4) – May 26, 2020
  • :green_circle: New: A message is now shown when you steal items by killing.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Killing someone properly steals the tool they were holding.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Tools now use modern constraints to stay together.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Ranged weapons now properly gives kill credit (XP, stealing tools, etc).
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The most recent tribute to deal damage to someone who dies now properly is credited with the kill.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The compass no longer reveals tributes improperly when dropped.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: The Dagger now uses the same melee system as other melee weapons in the game.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Poison Kunai now uses the correct tooltip and icon.

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Settings → Advanced and check the place version is greater than or equal to 267

Game Integrity Update (Part 3) – May 24, 2020
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Melee weapons will no longer do damage if the holder is dead.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Sponsoring yourself is no longer possible.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Teleporter to training room (upstairs lobby) no longer gives multiple sets of weapons
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Whisper chat works again, among other default chat features.
  • :purple_circle: Hotfix: The spear was accidentally re-released in an unfinished state. It has been removed.

Min. Version: 264

Game Integrity Update (Part 2) – May 22, 2020
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Shop, Spectate, Help and About windows scale on small screens better!
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Melee weapons cannot deal damage until they’ve been equipped for a moment. (AKA no “Sword swapping”)
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Ranged weapons fire properly when picked up from ground.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Text is now properly filtered in sponsor notes.
  • :purple_circle: Hotfix: The chat log was unintentionally hidden. It is now visible again.

Min. Version: 261

Game Integrity Update (Part 1) – May 21, 2020
  • :yellow_circle: Change: The Torch now heals 1% hp/s1.5% hp/s
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Projectile weapons work properly upon respawning
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Healing from the torch can no longer be stacked.
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Reduced outlines on skybox texture
  • :orange_circle: Fix: Certain faces no longer break the server

Min. Version: 251

Updates before the last one listed here have not been recorded.