Hurry Up Game Idea

Hello! I have been working on a round-based game, inspired by “Don’t Press The Button,” “Deathrun,” “Tower of Hell” and more! But, it is a round-based game at your own pace!

The object of the game is to be the first one to press a button to release a way to kill all the players! Here is a play through and the map:


If any concerns or suggestions please type them, chat them! I am a open book!



Why do you want to add a big fat watermark? Also it would be nice to see a normal speed video instead of a 590x speed video.


some disadvantages for those who are about to reach the top and advantages for those who are still behind maybe?



  • Make the map much smaller. Holy, the amount you sped up your video gives me the impression that you walked around for 2-3 minutes. It just creates a walking simulator which is quite bluntly bad gameplay.

I suggest you add more walkspeed but not rescale the map. Why? It makes the map seem more expansive and more explorable but negates the issue of having to walk super far distances.

  • If you’re worried about players finding the buttons too fast, make them harder to find.

Either by hiding them in good places or having to complete an obstacle course to get to the button.

  • Lower the volume of the gunshots. They’re pretty loud and rapid.

Not a good experience to get jump scared or to have loud sounds blasting through your ear.

  • I would say add more details but this currently looks bare bones. You also said everything was mostly unfinished. Nothing to say here.

I would suggest making more obby-like maps, The gameplay is currently just walking and having some difficult obby maps mixed with more speed based maps could be more entertaining. I would also suggest adding more detail and some custom animations.

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The video would not upload at a specific time.

Exactly what I was thinking! Don’t worry, @a_week the map is not final, it is a prototype. But thank you for the suggestions!

That is the game, the player who gets to the button first, survives. But the rest of the players die from a killing round based game.

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im sorry but there’s things distracting me

the watermark (idk why you need it)
the fact that after watching i now have 4 senses excluding my ears

maybe add some parkour elements or speed or lava, other mechanics so that the entire game isn’t a walking simulator

I know. The game is like a battle, that is why I have weapons (not final), so you can battle. The game is a race/battle game.