Hyper Realistic Animations (OPENSOURCE)

Hey Guys!

Recently Roblox added a couple new features, such as the new character controller and mesh deformation. So I had an idea to put both together and make an realistic Animation that has dynamic foot placing that incorporates the smoother character movement using the mesh deformation. Also by using The custom properties tab in the baseplate I was able to reduce the friction and increase the friction weight to simulate inertia as the player walks.

This is all open source so you can feel free to play the experience in the links down below.

  • Note that I did not make these scripts, but merely put together.

Here is a video showing off the Players movement

robloxapp-20221225-1708205.wmv (880.4 KB)

you edit the place here:

Or Download it here: Realistic-Animation.rbxl (198.7 KB)

You can also pick up the assets and scripts here:

My Roblox Profile for more Experiences like this:

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Thanks and Enjoy!


instead of sending wmv, use xbox recorder as wmv is audio file on phone


Ya I was trying to figure out how to format them correctly. Thanks

It says “Open with VLC Media Player for Android” for me.

Does this include footplanting and IK and use that to modify animations? Are there any known differences if Retargeting was disabled or enabled?

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Because the app itself recognized this file as VLC is old (modern player doesn’t even support it nowadays), raw Browser Media player only sees this as audio because it’s legacy file format rather than modern as it only displays audio, Only Media Player on windows were able to play wmv video since it is made by Microsoft.

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It’s not old, it’s just old enough that they have compability for it

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Could this work for R6 too? Haven’t bothered to test. R15 will surely lag the game when multiple players join and need to load the sheer amount of joints.


A wmv is a windows media file.

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Here, for those who don’t want to download wmv


If you try to suddenly change direction from forwards to backwards or left to right while on a slope, your character will unrealistically float in the air for a bit before settling back down.

Besides that this is good, if not a bit weighty.