Hyper Scary Horror Game Demo

hi !!!11! so i was working on this concept piece for a horror game, may i have some feed back on the mechanics themselves (literally just has walking and a spooky scare and if i need to change anything)

game link :



Nice work! Maybe add a bit of scary background music and make the characters feel more isolated.

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I love the lighting in this game!


that is two opposite suggestions cx

you cant have isolation and music in the same, you know?

Great Builds
Btw heres an idea
go to lightning settings ,
tick ambient inclusions, and change fog start to 20 and fog end to 70 for a scary atmosphere

Actually - you can! Although it takes a really skilled composer who knows their way around music and a little bit of psychology. I doubt you will find someone for this very easily so I’d say that honestly it’s alright without music, although som ambient sound effects would help (think like Minecraft cave noise - it’s in the background, it’s scary, it’s not music, it doesn’t take you out of the setting).

I also want to bring this up:
your lights seem artificially dimmed. I know it’s for the atmosphere but it doesn’t look right. It kinda took me out of the immersion because that’s not how lights behave irl. The mesh makes it seem like it was trying to go for a more detailed look, but a major detail of a light is the actual light part.

Scare wise - I feel the ghost jumpscare is underwhelming and takes you out of it as well. You have a fantastic atmosphere, but the ghost thing makes it feel like that corny Halloween film type horror (maybe that’s what you were going for - if so then ignore this!).

Overall - I like it!

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The game currently is, underwhelming even for a more jokey horror game. However it has a large amount of potential.

You can’t have isolation without music or atmosphere. If you want to feel isolated then you must first put a player in
A: Some place they already know that is isolate, E.G. Far away in a mountain, using atmospherics to further build immersion. This isolation can often feature music.
B: Put them in a place where they shouldn’t feel isolated E.G A school or a mall, and then remove the people. This one normally only features ambient sounds, rain, fans, lights, ect. Sometimes it can have music to differing effect.
C: This is the hardest and most rewarding, build up a world where the player is not isolated have music and other noises so they know that they know it’s a nice safe place where others are, then you’ll want to remove them from said location. Putting them into somewhere entirely different, some place alone.
This is the only type of isolation that I’m really effected by as I find the other two variants quite calming.

When it comes to music, just go to the tool box. Roblox has a great selection if you search hard enough, and simply adding some effects over it can go a long way.

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Hey, Nice place visits image


Actually, usually you can. You usually just need a talented and experienced composer and you should be good. The type of music would either be:

  1. Rain Falling
  2. Threatening Sounds
  3. Scary Music you hear in movies right before a jumpscare
  4. A mix of them
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ok awesome! thank u for the feedback ill look into it! the map was just a test demo. i personally think im much better at lighting and building but we’ll see lol

anyways thanks for the feedback again

and ye i wanted to do something kinda humorous here and there to “break the tension” then build it up again. kinda like that one maze game that was all the buzz on steam.

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So am I just a god at looking the wrong way for jumpscares or what…
Add a larger debounce for jumpscares that get activated. It keeps going off from me standing next to it.
If something is meant to be down the hallway, there’s nothing there. You can’t cross the wood. I would recommend adding something there before getting much feedback on it (assuming nothing is there yet).
You also have an issue with some wall alignment in the dark. I could tell from my camera movement when walking backwards into it at a harsh angle.

alright i think ill make a school then! or maybe something else familiar! thank u for ur feedback. however i disagree whole heartily on the music thing, i always found that silence was the scariest thing

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Silence is something that should not be abused. If you overuse the lack of sound players will come to find it normal and will begin to lose care. You’ll want to use silence to ramp up tension in a scene and to do that you must have a lack of silence before that. A simple title screen with some music can emphasize this.

Silence itself is not scary, what’s causing the silence however, that’s up to your imagination to create. And we all know what the human mind creates is far scarier then anything you can build by hand.

Also use phobia’s to your advantage, many people have phobia’s (I don’t) so it’s good to use the common ones to your advantage to more easily horrify a player.

The floors and walls look like textures. It would be really cool if they were 3d. There’s a small cute looking ghost that pops out of the wall. Maybe make it come out faster and scarier. I really like the lighting though. It’s a good game other than that!

thank u very much actually, this has been super useful!!!