I’m Trying to Make A Clicker Shop but I Don’t know how to code it

How do you make a system when you buy a clicker it changes the colour and boost your clicks

I don’t get what you meant by clicker.

What I mean is this you this changes the colour and boosts your clicks

you can use this Here to help you script the button detect when a player clicks the gui and make the image turn color while boosting the clicks

Is there a video about how to do it

There is but I think you need to have better scripting knowledge first before starting to make a game and ask for help so you know what to do.

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What code is it to code it like the function

What do you mean by “like the function”?

Yes that’s what I mean @334901766

I dont know what you mean by that

Like this function left click()

just do
function namehere()


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What I don’t know what to code

Thats why its best to have scripting knowledge before asking in devforums

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