I 3D Modeled Nintendo Assets

I hope Nintendo doesn’t mind.

Super Mario Assets I Modeled

What I Plan On Modeling Next

What do you guys think of them so far?

  • It’s Amazing :sunglasses:
  • It’s Good (Just a tad bit more improvement)
  • It’s Ok (Can use a lot more improvement)
  • It’s Ehhh (Nothing Special)

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Those look amazing! Though if you get any actually popularity nintendo will take down your entire game for that, so maybe edit the models to have slightly different proportions or colors while still keeping that nintendo feel.


I love these! But as @DyzuOfficial said, Nintendo may take down your game.

And also like @DyzuOfficial said, you can modify these models to looks a BIT more different from Nintendo’s design, just to be on the safe side. :wink::+1:

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