I abandoned my current project,I need game Ideas

Hi guys,I have abandoned my current game project ( Galactic flagfight).It wasn’t what I wanted to achieve , it really became a problem cause it was beginning to be too complicated and problematic.I’m a beginner and scripting is not really my thing , but I was doing my best and spending a lot of time on it but I wasnt even sure if that would have been succesful,and then I realized that there are other CTF games that are simply better and more entertaining than mine,and my game was based off a template so it was really a problem scripting other game mechanincs without completely breaking the game . I don’t want to give up with developing , so I’m asking for Ideas for a game that’s not too complicated to script but fun at the same time.I cannot wait to see your suggestions !

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I see this quite often, not only in roblox… People start out with something too difficult…
The correct thing you should be doing as a starting out dev(in my opinion, doesn’t have to be yours), is that you can either start with small things that will give you the knowledge and experience you need to make a larger game.


Just like I did with a couple of friends of mine, we started a project, but we never were expecting to finish it, we just used it to learn modeling properly, better scripting, making characters and of course, when you stick around development for a while, you will be finding new inspiration quicker and easier…

And uhh yeah, you wanted an idea… try out making an adventure game maybe? You know… with stages, where you have to fight against enemies and every 3rd stage is a boss fight? Sounds cool (even if I’m saying myself :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope my reply helps you out!


If you are a total beginner make a Tycoon or Obby game.

If you are kind of experienced make a Camping Inspired game.
There are plenty of tutorials for making it.

Here are the best ones

Or you can even make a game with a round system with players recieving different weapons each round.


Thank you really much for your tips :smiley:

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Thank you,I will check the tutorials :smiley:

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This is a common topic that gets brought up very often. There are many fun game ideas that you can make, build a game that you’re willing to play and enjoy. You basically have to come up with ‘game ideas’ on your own.

This really depends on what type of genre you’re willing to enjoy making, I would go and play some games that you enjoy to get general ideas from so if your interest is in fps, role play, adventure, try creating a game that features different mechanics with a decent gameplay that’s different from existing games.

You can take inspiration from other games or sources, getting a game idea should be an easy part just brainstorm ideas and see what concept your wanting and style it should feature. Here is a thread regarding game ideas it may something you should take along the process.

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