I accidentally left my group and now i can't access to my development place anymore

I appreciate your attention to this matter

So… a mess happened.
I am developing my game, “Sunstone RP” (which previous name was “Los Dorado”), an italian RP which uses realistic characters and Marketplace 3D clothing.

Since i changed the name to Sunstone RP, i made a new group because i didn’t want the previous name to be seen with the alias. Despite this, I continued to develop the game on the Los Dorado group and had planned that once everything was finished, I would transfer the rest to the other group.

This was not possible because yesterday i accidentally left the Los Dorado group, which had no members because i removed everyone since we transfered to the new group. Now the Los Dorado group has 0 members, it’s closed, and i can’t access to my development baseplate.

Obviously i sent an email to Roblox support (and a BOT responded). I sent lots of proofs, including the names of some of the places inside the los dorado group, old join and chat logs in the Sunstone RP Discord (which also show my username), old discord partnership messages which included the Los Dorado name and then the Sunstone RP discord link, and old messages of me asking staff to send join requests to the Los Dorado Group (which was meant for showing the logo which was the same as the logs). The Bot replied:


I replied asking for human support, since i am anxious of this situation and i don’t want to lose all the progress i made. I spent time and money for this project. Do you guys think Roblox will be able to give me the ownership of the Los Dorado group back, or atleast give me access to my development place?

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Roblox Support should be able to help you if you can prove that you had ownership of that group before you left it.