I accidently lost script progress

So I forgot to copy some code, so I press ctrl+z until I found the code, and cut the code ( so it saved to my clipboard), BUT IT WOULDNT LET ME GO FORWARD I press ctrl+y but it didn’t work, so I closed roblox because every time I test the game it says that an auto recovery file was created, so I quickly closed studio so it wouldn’t save the mistake, but I went to the auto recovery, and the last one WAS A DIFFERENT GAVE LAST MONTH! PLEASE tell me how to fix it, Ive tried the script recovery but all of the buttons in the popout are greyed out

Did you publish it to roblox, if so then you can revert game version

No sadly not, but I think im almost done reverting my mistake

If you can’t go back to how it was, simply check the script history. (I’m pretty sure it’s a thing even without team create, it might not be though)

Just paste it? If you did another copy after that one and you’re on windows then if you have clipboard history enabled you can click Windows + V and paste it

Well, its good now, it took awhile, but I fixed it.

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The reason why you couldn’t redo is because you used CUT to copy the code, which copies the code as well as DELETING it, which, of course, counts an action, causing this to be moved to your latest action. Remember to copy instead of cutting next time.

how do you revert the game?

(Ignore this I need to 30 limit)