I am a builder and a scripter who is willing to work for dirt cheap

Been developing on Roblox since 2009. I have all the time in the world until this coming Monday, so if there is any work I can be given quickly, I can finish quickly.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of fun tech demos, but I can build maps and script a large variety of things. As a result, I’m willing to lower the price of my development services down to near minimum wage depending on the difficulty of the task.

I’m free between now and Monday, a bit less free after that! So please do not hesitate to give me work to do! PM me on this forum or message me at zaiisao#2638.


Your discord is not working can u update it?

This is a post from 2018, that Monday has passed for some time now


You’re a bit late on this one lol

Oh I didnt see the date lol. RIP