I am currently working on a game called "Cyber Metro Station". Need some suggestion or feedback

I am currently working on a showcase game called “Cyber Metro Station”. Can you suggest anything or do you have a feedback?


Its pretty good, but something seems off about that shape of the train’s face. And it is kinda bright, maybe less Neon parts?

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Yea. Lots of people says that neon parts are too bright.

The train station looks good and really fits the definition of futuristic, however, like the others feedback maybe lessen the lighting for it, it’s a bit too bright.
Secondly, maybe add some smaller details to your station, put up a futuristic sign on-top near the ceiling lights, which says either what station it is or it puts up the time, next maybe add some futuristic style trash cans in the station near one of the small benches.

Overall, it’s great! Just maybe add some small details into it.

Thanks for the feedback. I want to add some small details but i dont know what sort of details i should add. I am spending lots of time on creating a design.

Too much bloom. Also, in my experience a metro station is always dirty, try adding more textures/detail.

I fixed the bloom effect and added some details.