I am getting the "You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior." message and I did nothing

I don’t know what category to put this in so this is where I will talk about it.
I don’t have any exploits installed and according to online sources, that is what is causing this thing. I don’t know what caused it and I can’t make it go away. What happened here?


Me and my developer had the same issue, Roblox is experiencing some issues for sure.

Roblox is just being dumb right now, it is happening to me too.

Yes, this issue is currently active.
Please refer to https://status.roblox.com

Also having this issue, check https://status.roblox.com

same why is this happening. Im confused I did nothing wrong.

I think it is just best to wait for Roblox to resolve the incident. As others have said, refer to Roblox’s status page.

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yes i too that have is problem, when i joined to game i got kicked

Try to reinstall the roblox client

Okay, Press Windows+R then type in run %appdata% from roaming go back to the appdata folder. Now go to local find ROBLOX then delete AnalyticsSettings, frm.cfg and GlobalBasicSettings. This should fix your issue. If you have any problem tell me

This does not fix the issue for me!
I even tried reinstalling Roblox, tried joining a different game, I even checked if there was a Roblox issue but there isn’t any Roblox issue, also, I do not have my Nvidia drivers updated, can this be the reason of it?