I am making a Campaign FPS game is it a good idea

I mean the game has already begun development etc. but I am wondering if I should keep devfourm updated with sneak peaks and more so I just want to get the community side before I continue this huge project.
Oh and I got the budget and all dont think I am poor in bobux because of my avatar I just dont use my robux on my avatar much as I am just there to play not become a fashion Model


I think it would be cool for you to do this. It is your choice at the end of the day.

Your choice, but personally I would already be creating my changelog for it or devlog!

Thanks for the feedback but would you play it?
Aswell as that I will take your devlog suggestion and as soon as we get stable with development etc. I will start one

Thank you so much for liking the idea this is what gets me focused and ready to make the FPS
community proud

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It will require a lot of content, and you will be missing out from easy gains of making it multiplayer.

Though, it would be refreshing to see more types of games and styles of experiences on Roblox.

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I have thought about Battle Royale and I am taking it in mind but first I need to get my mind back to reality this project is already huge and I will have to add even a bigger project to it so I might add it but I will need to know if it is a realistic idea or a stupid idea I will forget about

Both paths have risk to them. I would say that a game with multiplayer as part of the core functionality is less risky though because of the inherent expectations of players on Roblox.